Mosty Tczewskie





You are welcome to learn about the history of the Tczew Bridge, an International Civil Engineering Landmark and the future Monument of History. When the bridge was inaugurated in 1857, it was the longest European bridge, and the first iron bridge on the Vistula. A miracle of contemporary technology and a pattern to follow for bridge constructors in the 19th century. On the first of September 1939 it was attacked by Nazi Germans as one of the first places in Poland (11 minutes before Westerplatte), it was partly blown up by the Polish troops defending it. Only three spans and four turrets of the original construction have been preserved until now; in the year 2000 they have been announced a monument of history. The remaining part of the construction consists of various technical solutions, which makes the bridge a tangible illustration of evolution in bridge constructing. At present the bridge, which has been here for over 160 years, is in terrible condition and needs immediate general renovation.